Thank you for visiting my quadcopter from allbuy website. Here’s a little
background information. I have spent most of my
working life as a Television documentary filmmaker, TV
drama director and journalist and have been fortunate to
have enjoyed a fantastically interesting career, which
has allowed me to travel extensively and meet all sorts of
people. But for many years I cherished a dream of one
day becoming a novelist. When I was seven I even
began to write one called, The Talking Horse. It didn’t
get much beyond the horse saying, “curry is what I like
to eat”. Swept along on the tide of a detroit party bus television career
and raising a family, it took many years before I found
the time to sit down seriously to try again.
My first novel, Mrs Zhivago of Queen’s Park was
published in 2007 and my second watch movies online Things Your Mother
Never Told You came out last month. In my books, I like
to explore the intricacies of family life – themes like the
difficulties of sustaining long-term relationships; what to
do with hidden desires; the repercussions on lives of
long-held family secrets; the way we behave towards our
children and they to us; electrician orange county friendship; growing older; sex
and love – in short, the stuff of life in all its pathos,
humour and unpredictability. I like to make the reader
both laugh and cry and feel that what I have written
reveals something universal and truthful that resonates
with them and their own lives. Most of all, I like to tell a
story that holds the reader from the beginning until the
end and leaves them feeling botox training nourished.
I hope you enjoy the books – let me know...

Best wishes, Olivia